Beatrice Sabir

Beatrice Sabir

Beatrice Sabir was born and raised in Sumter, South Carolina and is the eldest of two children. She graduated from Lincoln High School in 1964 as Salutatorian of her class and a member of the National Honor Society.

After migrating to New York she attended Brooklyn Community College for two years and took course at Medgar Evers Community College. All the while obtaining employment at the famous Shabazz Restaurant located on 116th and Lenox Avenue (now known as Malcom Shabazz Blvd.).

Beatrice has been pursuing her love for the food service industry from a very early age and graduated from Culinary School in 1991 at the top of her class. Married to Benjamin, who is her best friend and confidant, she is inspired and encouraged to do what she does best, which is “Feed the People”. Instantaneously, she assists with running Neighborhood Bakery. Some of their accomplishments as a unit are being the First Minority Bakery for the Department of Correction for New York City and State, which lead them into servicing Federal and State Correctional facilities. They are one of the first minority food vendors for the renowned Jacob Javits Convention Center and Six Flagg’s Great Adventures in Jackson New Jersey and Washington DC.

As a professional caterer, Beatrice has been a vendor for NYC Parks and Recreational events for the borough President of Brooklyn, Brooklyn Academy of Music, International Arts Festival, Muslim Day Parade, Numerous affairs at Allen AME Church, Concorde Baptist Church of Brooklyn, Bridge Street Church of Brooklyn, and countless affairs and weddings as the famous Akbar Hall in Brooklyn, New York. In her accomplishments, she takes much pride in training the youth to work hard to be the very best they can be. No job is ever to small or too large for her to tackle with a smile because her motto tells it all, “It’s always my pleasure to serve you”.

Beatrice remains very active and involved in all of her endeavors. She holds the Vice President and Secretary position at Neighborhood Bakery and is CEO of Neighborhood Southern Cuisine Catering. She is a member of the board of Directors of Masjid Khalifah in Brooklyn and a lifetime member of the NY Urban League NAACP.

With her many blessings, Beatrice’s greatest accomplishment is being a wife, the mother of four daughters, 5 granddaughters, one great-grandson and 2 son-in-laws. She never hesitates to say “when it’s all said and done, at the end of the day, it’s always family FIRST”.