Benjamin Saleem Sabir

Benjamin Saleem Sabir

Benjamin Sabir was born in North Carolina and migrated along with his parents and siblings to New York City in 1951. He completed his former education in the NYC Public School system. In 1970, he registered at York College to obtain a degree in Sociology.

Simultaneously, he secured employment with Shabazz Bakery to have a consistent flow of income while he attended school. Before long, Benjamin realized how appealing the baking industry was to him. He left York College and enrolled at Food and Maritime School to expand his baking knowledge and production skills. This was the beginning of his thirty seven (37) years in the Baking Industry.

In 1973, he departed Shabazz Bakery and opened a Retail Bakery in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, NY along with his wife Beatrice Sabir. In 1974, Shabazz ceased operation and Neighborhood Bakery’s clientele grew substantially. Along with other wholesome baked goods from Neighborhood’s product line, the Bean Pie became one their top selling item. Local patron traffic and large supermarket chain requests forced the Sabirs to change gears from a Retail establishment to a Wholesale Operation. By 1978, Neighborhood Bakery was making a name for itself in the baking industry. Its clientele included: New York State Correctional Facilities, Federal Institutions, VA Hospitals, Supermarkets, Groceries and Delis, and a host of local neighborhood Restaurants.

In that same year, they were solicited by New York City Correctional Department and became one of its first minority firms secure a contract with them. This relationship continued for over fifteen(15) years. During the eighties and early nineties, Neighborhood Bakery employed thirty five(35) employees. Neighborhood Bakery currently operates out of the South Bronx and lists Stop’N’Shop and Shoprite Supermarkets as two(2) of its major clients. Benjamin is still actively involved in the daily operations of the business and sometimes puts in fourteen(14) hour days. His focus and goal is to return the Bakery to the operating status it once maintained.

Benjamin and Beatrice Sabir have been married and working together for thirty nine(39) years. They have four(4) daughters, four(4)granddaughters and two(2) sons in laws.

He is a life time member of the New York Chapter Urban League and a thirteen(27) year member of the Bedford Stuyvesant Lions Club. Neighborhood Bakery has been a supporter of the radio program, Al-Islam, since its inception.